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The Business Card That Never Gets Lost!©

Have you ever had that little sinking feeling when you had to tell someone, “I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have a Card On Me.”  After trying to get your message heard above all the racket and chaos of the competition, you finally break thru the noise, make a contact, and you can’t ​even give them a simple business card. In addition, it’s also tough giving someone a card if you’re talking to them on the phone! With a digital card, you can send it to them WHILE you’re talking. Moreover, they can actually open the card while you’re talking to them. As a result, now they can access any links to articles, videos, or directions to your business. In addition, they can also be directed to a form or application they may need to fill out. 

Has this ever happened to you?

After a couple of days, for instance, the card someone gave you is still around somewhere, you just can’t find it when you need it.

On the other hand, if you have a digital card, it’s always available online, because the supply never runs out!  In addition, You have your own QR Code that you can actually change the information yourself, as well as place your QR Code on anything you wish, from your paper business card and brochures to a product you sell. A lot more information can be included on our digital card, from GPS directions to a message that be changed everyday by you if needed. It also has links to your website, social media, E-mail and phone numbers.  Your logo or personal picture can be inserted. How many QR Codes have you seen that show all these results? Above all, the biggest advantage is the ability for your clients and prospects to add your info into their contacts! Now they can’t lose your info unless they lose their phone! 

The most common question we get  is
“How does someone get my card”

1. Your card can be accessed by going to, & entering your name or company in the search box, for instance, and they just tap or click the link to your card.

2.  Most importantly, you can send your card to anyone via Text, E-mail, or even FB Messenger using the share buttons on the bottom of your card.

Top 10 Features

1.  Someone only has to tap your phone number to call you.
2. Links to your website, or any particular pages you want someone to access directly inside your website.
3. A contact form is included, eliminating exposing your e-mail address to spammers.
4. Links to all your social media platforms. 

5. If you have a store or office location, directions via GPS and a Google map are included.
6. Your card can be shared on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn.
7. Links to any videos or articles you may want them to see can be placed on your card.
8. Direct links to your Google, Yelp, or Trip Advisor review pages if desired.
9. Moreover, our clients also love fact that ANY information can be changed at a moments notice.

10.  Above All, when the QR Code on your digital card is scanned, your contact info comes up, and they can easily add it to their contacts on their phone. If they’re looking at the QR Code on their phone after you’ve sent it to them, it’s obvious they can’t scan it, so we provide a link above the code they can just tap to open so they can access it just as if they had scanned it.
Check out the actual code below.

Tap Here to add my info to your contacts, or scan the code below.
Please remember, you can also take your QR Code & put it on your paper business card, brochures, or even on your vehicle. Furthermore,  we can change your info on that QR Code anytime. Above all, we can do it WITHOUT CHANGING OR REPLACING the QR Code itself!
Also notice that the numbers, E-Mail, & website are hot and just have to be tapped to activate.

Our Industry Specific Cards

While is a great web address, if you repair windshields you may prefer to tell someone to go to to find your digital business card. Being in business for almost 25 years has given us the opportunity to acquire some great generic, easy to remember domain names. On these industry specific digital cards, we don’t allow competitors! For example, instead of the link to your card being found on, someone just goes to, and enters your city to find the link to your card on The only difference with this option is you tell people they can find you on, or one of the other industry specific cards. In conclusion, once a city is taken on one of our industry specific cards, it’s GONE! We only allow one business per city, so no other competitors wil appear. To see a list of our industry specific business cards Click Here

What’s It Cost?

 There’s a one time set up fee of $100.
After that, it’s only $95 a year.
There are several options for payment.
For example, we take Venmo & Cash App, or you can use PayPal. Also, we have our own secure pay site you can use to send payment.
Finally, we can send you an invoice and you can mail a check to us!  
Click Here to See Our Industry Specific Digital Cards taht are currently available.
Send us your information, and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions.