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The Business Card That Never Gets Lost!©

Have you ever had that little sinking feeling when you had to tell someone, “I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have a Card On Me.”  After trying to get your message heard above all the racket and chaos of the competition, you finally break thru the noise, make a contact, and you can’t ​even give them a simple business card. More Benefits

My Zebra Card

is an information transfer system developed by CyberComm Marketing, LLC.  It combines the ubiquitous QR Code along with a Web Address that acts as a vehicle to send your information to your contacts & prospective clients.  Therefore, you can transform the old traditional business card to a digital form.  As a result, your e-card can be sent via text, e-mail, and other messaging services like Facebook Messenger. Moreover, they can now scan your qr code to access your information, and above all, save that info into their contacts on their phone.